Sustainability (ESG)

As a private equity manager, we are a committed and aware of the importance of sustainability. We carry out our investment activity responsibly, incorporating environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) considerations into our investment strategy and working with our portfolio companies in the development of a management model that meets ESG values ​​and objectives.


Our Values

Endurance was founded with the goal of supporting small and medium-sized companies in their transformation processes. Therefore, we value the effort and merit of entrepreneurs in the generation of economic wealth.

We work with honesty, passion and perseverance. If we fall 7 times, we stand up 8. We work as a team, with the humbleness that allows us to learn from our mistakes.

If we can’t be part of the solution, we will try to find the best alternative for the company and all implies stakeholders.

The values ​​that guide our decisions are:

  • Passion and Perseverance
  • Teamwork and training
  • Transparency, honesty and commitment
  • Agility and optimization
  • Inclusive and effective governance
  • Social awareness, respect and diversity
  • Respect and promotion of good environmental practices


Our Purpose

We promote the implementation of ESG practices from our position as active investors. Our philosophy is based on actively supporting companies so that they are durable and sustainable, optimizing their processes and / or structures.

As investors, we are aware of our responsibility to contribute to a more sustainable future, as our decisions have an impact on customers, shareholders, suppliers, employees and the environment. That is why our purpose is to commit to developing and implementing ESG policies for a more inclusive and responsible future and to create a positive impact on society.