About us

Endurance is a private equity fund. We invest in small and medium sized companies that face challenges, contributing financial resources and extensive operational support in their transformation process.

Our investors include international renowned institutions such as funds of funds, pension funds, family offices or insurance companies. Our team is also a relevant investor, which ensures diligence, alignment and commitment. Our management company and funds are supervised by the CNMV.

At a glance

  • We help companies overcome situations that require operational transformation, optimizing their processes and/or structures.

  • Our flexibility in the investment structure is key to unlock situations and bring solutions that generate value for all stakeholders involved.

  • Our agility to commit investments under time constraints is crucial, with capacity to execute in under 4-week timeframes.

  • We work intensively and hands-on in the transformation of companies to be operationally optimal and agile.

Our differential approach

Flexible and agile

Our team includes top-notch professionals with ample operational, transactional and legal experience, which provides the flexibility to deliver differential solutions to highly complex challenges in multiple fronts.

Decisions can be taken swiftly by a committee that includes team members, who bring profound first-hand knowledge acquired at company’s level.


We firmly believe that having operating roles within the team brings value in all phases of the value creation process.

Our team has gone first-hand through highly complex situations and contributes its experience even before we take control of the company.

Plus, our in-house experience leads us to make better investment decisions and design action plans that add value from our first day in the company.

Driven by firm values

Endurance was founded with the goal of supporting small and medium sized companies in their transformation processes when the ecosystem turns its back on them.

We appreciate entrepreneurs’ effort and contribution to generate economic wealth and we believe that a failure does not revoke all previous successes.

We work honestly, with passion and perseverance. If we fall seven times, we stand up eight.

We work as a cohesive team, and we have the humbleness to learn from our mistakes.

If we cannot be part of the solution, we will try to seek the best alternative for the company and all implied stakeholders

The Principles ​​that guide our decisions are:

  • Passion and perseverance
  • Transparency, honesty and commitment
  • Teamwork and effective governance
  • Agility and optimization
  • Social awareness, respect and diversity

These principles were put to the test by the crew of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Trans-Antarctic Expedition aboard the Endurance, a source of inspiration and an example of unwavering values of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.  Find more about Endurance’s unparalleled journey click here


Our team is composed of top-notch professionals with ample experience in highly complex processes, both operational and transactional.

We are profoundly involved in the generation of value alongside management teams, identifying opportunities, delivering solutions, managing uncertainty and consolidating achieved milestones.

Our team works with the highest rigor and is driven by firm values.

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