Community + ESG

As a private equity manager, we recognize the significant role we play in the companies we invest in and, by extension, in the individuals that work in them. We are committed to being responsible investors and leveraging our influence to create positive impact  

With respect to individuals, we have a Community Initiative aimed at unlocking the value of talented professionals.

With respect to the companies we invest in, we prioritize incorporating environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) considerations into our investment strategy. We believe that responsible investing is key to building sustainable businesses that create long-term value. 


Our community initiative aims to UNLOCK the inherent value that resides within all of us.

As Professor Malhotra notes (click here for video), our lives are shaped by the decisions we make and the circumstances we find ourselves in. While some people may have an environment that fosters the flourishing of their talents – such as familiar stability, financial capacity, or social support – others do not. Our humble goal is to help those who lack such advantages by leveraging the resources at our disposal – including our experience, professional and personal networks, and financial support – continuing the journey of beloved individuals who were key in Endurance’s early days and who have left a profound imprint on us. 

We firmly believe that everyone has a genius within them, but what sets people apart is the passion and perseverance – the grit – to foster and work to make that genius a reality. Our aim is to unlock the potential in individuals who have a strong desire to realize their talents and, most importantly, to use them to make a positive impact on their communities and society at large. 

To become part of our program, individuals must demonstrate four key values: (i) being a good person, (ii) striving for excellence in every detail, (ii) being a fighter and persevering, and (iv) maintaining at all times a low-profile and discreet attitude.  

Although it is not a requirement, we are passionate about sports and firmly believe in the power of athletic challenges to promote and cultivate personal values.  

To achieve our goal, we work in different areas of impact. 

  • Mentoring and coaching: We commit our skills and resources to help individuals develop their full potential. This involves lifelong advice throughout the individual’s career, during which we will contribute our learnings, know-how, and professional and personal networks. We aim to create a collaborative community based on a “pay-it-forward” scheme, in which we expect these mentees to spread the impact in the future.
  • Scholarships: In selected cases, we provide scholarship support to talented and motivated students who need a financial boost to reach their goals.
  • Spreading knowledge: We also engage in teaching, organizing courses, and workshops to share our values and knowledge with the community

To fulfill these initiatives, we commit our time and financial resources and will raise additional funds through different initiatives.

If you are interested in any of the above initiatives, please send a motivation letter (max. 2 pages) to, covering your personal and professional journey, including reference to how you embody the four key values we seek.

Sustainability (ESG)

We are committed to promoting ESG practices in all aspects of our investment process from investment analysis to portfolio management alongside investee management teams. 

Environmental and social considerations are integrated into our investment analysis and decision-making, as we evaluate the impact of climate change, resource depletion, and pollution on our investments and also labor practices, human rights, and community engagement.

Moreover, we recognize that good governance is essential for sustainable long-term performance, and we prioritize investing in companies with strong management teams and transparent governance structures. We encourage our portfolio companies to adopt best practices in corporate governance.

We actively engage with our portfolio companies on ESG issues, encouraging them to implement best practices and improve their ESG performance over time.

Overall, we believe that promoting ESG practices not only benefits society and the environment, but also enhances long-term value for our investors. 

Download here our ESG Policy