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Flexible and agile

We invest in special situations thanks to our flexibility to craft differential solutions and agility, having the capacity to invest in under a 4-week timeframe


Our operations team works intensively alongside management teams in the optimization of operations, developing agile processes and operational structures through best-in-class talent and technology

Our values

Our team’s motivation is to bring solutions to companies in situations that require a transformational process. We are driven by strong values of passion and perseverance, team work, humbleness, honesty and respect

About us

Endurance is a private equity fund. We invest in small and medium sized companies that face challenges, contributing financial resources and extensive operational support in their transformation process.

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Our team is composed of top-notch professionals with ample experience in highly complex processes, both operational and transactional.

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We invest in companies with solid business models in in market, commercial, operational or governance challenging situations. We work intensively in their transformation to consolidate them as market leaders.